Monday Feb 27, 2017
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Vinyl Siding Manufacturers

An Introduction

Below you will find many prominent vinyl siding manufacturers, brands, and corporations that offer siding as part of their product line. Many of these corporations are steadily getting bought up and added to the product lines of their parent corporations. Major corporations such as Associated Materials Incorporated and Saint-Gobain are entities that offer a very wide reach to their customers. Most of the smaller companies that are bought out tend to retain their brand and identity even under their parent companies.

Chances are good that if you were satisfied with the quality and product of Revere Building Products 20 years ago; you would still find the same attention to quality that they provide even though it is now a subsidiary of Associated Materials Incorporated. Of course, researching a vinyl siding company and also checking with the Better Business Bureau for complaints can shed light on recent complaints or lack thereof.

Not all vinyl siding manufacturers are major entities with several years of backing. The following list is not exhaustive and should be used as a reference and a starting point for your research. There are plenty of excellent smaller outfits, some that might even be local to your area. Do not overlook them as they can sometimes provide great values on their products and a better degree of service from being a home town entity.

Vinyl Siding Institute

An important entity to be familiar with in the vinyl siding industry is the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI). This group is a trade association for manufacturers of vinyl siding and suppliers. Their goal is to maintain and expand their markets, provide regulatory guidelines, and improve the quality of products across the board. They serve as a self-check on the industry to ensure that quality does not slip and to prevent and identify scammers.

VSI also offers various training to contractors providing different services in this area of the industry. If a contractor informs you that he is certified by the VSI to install a given product; that is a very good sign. It means that person has met their criteria and proceeded through their licensing processes. While the VSI is not a manufacturer of vinyl siding, they play a very important and integral role in the industry. Most vinyl siding companies will be members and those that are not should be questioned before committing to any agreements.

Associated Materials Incorporated

The nature of the building materials industry allows one to be able to carve out a niche for a specialization. Many vinyl siding companies follow this pattern and offer a superior vinyl siding product but little else. Then you have companies such as Associated Materials Incorporated. AMI is a larger corporation that brings together smaller corporations in an umbrella to offer different wares in the industry.

One will find that smaller siding companies are bought out and added to the domain of a much larger company that is looking to diversify. AMI is one such company. They strive to bring together a series of excellently manufactured products (including vinyl siding) - all under one roof to make it quick and convenient for shoppers, suppliers, and contractors. Associated Materials Incorporated is a North American focused entity with a variety of facilities and products across the continent.


Another major umbrella corporation is Saint-Gobain. They are one of the largest producers of building materials in the world. Their focus has been to bring together various high-quality products and services for the convenience of their clients. A homeowner may find that the vinyl siding brand that interests them is actually a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. With approximately 200,000 employees working for them; it is easy to see how they appear in many sections of the building materials industry.

Saint-Gobain was established in France in the year 1665 as a glassmaking entity. It struggled to be profitable for quite awhile but was kept going by the French authorities to offer a competition to foreign glass companies. Their notoriety and stability began to grow with the order of several mirrors for the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. The outfit grew into a company and embraced different aspects of the building industry as it went and continue to do so today. One of the main strengths of Saint-Gobain is their ability to be an established company while still forging ahead with innovative, fresh products like the manufacture of vinyl siding.

Crane Performance Siding

Crane was founded in 1947 to be a supplier of precision parts through the use of plastics. Their reputation grew to include high-quality products in addition to innovative ideas that allowed their company to pull ahead in the pack. As their reach grew, they manufactured siding for various other companies from the 1950's through present day.

Crane takes great pride in embracing traditional American values of hard work, joy in craftsmanship, and pride in their product. To that end, they offer the strongest Lifetime Warranty in the vinyl siding industry so that customers can be absolutely assured their product will either perform or get fixed with ease. Crane is quite proud of this fact and touts it as a major selling point in addition to the quality of their product.

Revere Building Products

Revere was established over 40 years ago with a primary goal of bringing a high-quality, low-maintenance product to its customers. Pride in the name of their company and what the company has stood for. Foundation continuously drives their goals forward and including the manufacture of quality vinyl siding. A unique offering they provide is their MyDesign Home Studio visualization software package. A Revere representative can walk you through the variety of styles and colors the company has to offer with a convenient visualization.

Revere Building Products is a subsidiary of Associated Materials Incorporated.

Mastic Home Exteriors

Mastic is a brand that has had an association with quality and innovation since it was founded in 1932. They are credited to be the first company to develop the breakthrough of manufactured vinyl siding in 1959. In 1989, Mastic was brought into the fold of the Alcoa Home Exteriors to continue to solidify and reinforce the strength of their brand and expand. Mastic's offering of quality vinyl products turned out to be a fine complement to Alcoa Home Exteriors' aluminum siding products.

In 2009, Mastic Home Exteriors was re-branded and joined the family of Ply-Gem building materials companies. Since their creation in 1932 and the various steps the company has taken, they have managed to maintain their high degree of quality and innovative style. A point of pride and nod to their excellence is the fact that one in four homes with vinyl siding on them has either Mastic or Alcoa manufactured siding on them.

Heartland Siding

In 2009, Heartland Siding was acquired to help expand the product range of Pro-Via. Pro-Via has long offered quality products in the building material industry and sought a solid brand to help them expand their reach. Heartland Siding was the brand they invested in to help expand their product lines.

The focus of Heartland Siding is the same as it always was; develop durable, beautiful product that will work well for its owners for many years. Their patented Super-Polymer siding is even more resistant to weathering, damage, and thermal reactions than the standard manufactured vinyl siding. Their Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferable for homeowners that want or need to sell their homes.

Alside and Vinyl Siding

Alside was founded in 1947 when it came out of the gate with one of the first low-maintenance sidings in the industry. For sixty years they have offered high quality siding that allowed them to develop a solid footprint in the vinyl siding industry today. Alside has nearly 3000 employees throughout a variety of 7 manufacturing facilities in addition to their corporate headquarters. Today, they are a division of Associated Materials Incorporated.

Alside exterior offerings include a vinyl siding product that hugs the structure much tighter, requires less maintenance to upkeep, and provides an excellent look while being subjected to weathering in the long-term. They pride themselves on the variety of their product lines, being suitable for a rebuild of an older style home or finding something more modern to use.


CertainTeed began as a roofing supply manufacturer over a hundred years ago in 1904. It built a reputation for quality product and trustworthy service which allowed it to easily expand into other areas of building materials and manufacturing - such as vinyl siding. What started out as a single factory is now over 70 facilities with 7,000 employees across the United States and Canada. In 1988, CertainTeed was fully acquired and became a subsidiary of worldwide company Saint-Gobain.

Saint-Gobain is the world's largest building materials company. The backing that CertainTeed now has from Saint-Gobain as a subsidiary allows it to significantly increase its technological advances in manufacturing including vinyl siding and other building materials in general. CertainTeed is considered to be one of the best providers of vinyl siding in North America.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is mentioned here as a matter of ease of reference. They once fielded different offerings of vinyl siding and distributed through names such as Norandex and Reynolds. They no longer offer vinyl siding products as part of their product line. That division of the company was sold to Saint-Gobain in 2007. The former Owens Corning vinyl siding products are now marketed under the umbrella of Saint-Gobain.

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